It has official authorization necessary to perform the job of transporting food


The company is registered in the national Register of Haulers of goods for third parties. It has the ministerial authorisation required to perform the job.

It is specialised in the transport of food (especially loose sugar) and its fleet has more than 130 technologically advanced vehicles (average age: 4 years) that can rapidly and safely transport your goods anywhere.

All the vehicles have the required health certification and a satellite tracking device, which makes the transported goods traceable at all times.

C.I.S.A.F. - 44123 Ferrara
Via degli Amanti 15/17

Headquarters and Management:
Tel. 0532/797600-Fax. 0532/796230
Transport Office:
Tel. 0532/797500-Fax 0532/796240
Warehouse Office:
Tel. 0532/726210-Fax 0532/796160

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