All activities of handling, processing and packaging and delivery services for sugar

Handling and Processing

  • Cut sacks (25 and 50 kg) to produce loose product.
  • Process and load sugar from big bags to tankers and vice versa.
  • Package in big bags, unloading the sugar directly from the tankers using a specifically designed facility.
  • Grind hardened sugar in specifically designed processing plants, screening and loading of the product.

Our Facilities


C.I.S.A.F. - 44123 Ferrara
Via degli Amanti 15/17

Headquarters and Management:
Tel. 0532/797600-Fax. 0532/796230
Transport Office:
Tel. 0532/797500-Fax 0532/796240
Warehouse Office:
Tel. 0532/726210-Fax 0532/796160

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