Over the years it specialised in the transport of loose sugar


The company was established in 1983 to develop the logistics activity of the C.A.F.A. cooperative.

Considerable investments have allowed the company to have a large multifunctional area (over 60,000 sq.m.) that includes:

  • A 30,000 sq.m. area for the storage and processing of goods (warehouse)
  • 3 facilities for the processing and loading of loose sugar in tank lorries
  • a 10,000 sq.m. enclosed and illuminated area for industrial vehicles to stop and park in
  • Industrial cleaning facility for vehicles
  • Machine shop for the repair of industrial vehicles
  • Offices, meeting hall and other facilities (1,000 sq.m.)

The logistics services are guaranteed by the direct management of large leased warehouses (more than 30,000 sq.m. in all). In 1985 the company was registered in the Register of Haulers.

Over the years it specialised in the transport of loose sugar, becoming one of the sector's leading companies.







In 2001, CERTIQUALITY certified that the "Quality system" used by this company for transport and storage complied with ISO 9001/2008.

The company implements the HACCP prevention plan and uses a traceability system for stored products.

C.I.S.A.F. - 44123 Ferrara
Via degli Amanti 15/17

Headquarters and Management:
Tel. 0532/797600-Fax. 0532/796230
Transport Office:
Tel. 0532/797500-Fax 0532/796240
Warehouse Office:
Tel. 0532/726210-Fax 0532/796160

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